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The Best College Football App

Be Smarter Than Your Friends on Game Day

Ranked Core Features

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Game overview card showing kickoff time, tv channel, location, weather and odds info

ranked: college football game filter screen

Filter games by rank, kickoff time, conference, game rating, and more

ranked: college football player comparison screen

Compare stats and trends side-by-side between teams AND players

ranked: college football game notification screen

Setup notifications for teams and game info like spreads, tv channel, and kick off time

Donwload Ranked

"Must have for College Football fans. Highly recommend. If you don’t have this, get it now."

App Store Reviews

Nothing else like it on the market

This app is unlike anything else. There is so much customization available for what you want to look at and so much detail right at your finger tips. Highlighting the top 25 and providing the weekly line up really tells you everything you need to know. Amazing design, great colors and smooth transitions. If you even remotely follow college football, then you need this app.

Perfect App for die hard CFB fans

Ranked has everything I want to do on ESPN scores and standings tabs, but can’t figure out how to do (or do it quickly). I can easily see comparison data for my alma mater and drill down to the players. This app is literally the perfect app for people like me that live and breath college football.

The best college football app I’ve used!

Most college football apps are not user-friendly, especially if you’re a female. This app is fun to use, easy to navigate, and helps me feel confident talking about college football with anyone. I can quickly access the information I NEED. I love using it on game day

Best college football app by far!!
I don’t write reviews ever but this app is amazing! The compare feature is pretty cool and the amount of information is perfect. It’s not overwhelming but is nicely setup. Keep up the great work!

Donwload Ranked

"Hands down the best College Football app in the App Store. Beautiful and easy to use platform that gives you the information you want quickly. Definitely my go to app for getting scores, polls, etc. Well done!"
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